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Frangopol Honored with 2016 OPAL Award

ASCE Blog: Pioneer of Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Honored with 2016 OPAL for Education

Home Projects Project Briefs Self-Centering Damage-Free Seismic-Resistant Steel Frame Systems


This project is investigating a family of innovative self-centering (SC) steel frame systems with the potential to withstand the currently accepted design basis earthquake (DBE) for buildings without damage.

The project goals are: to develop fundamental knowledge of the seismic behavior of SC steel frame systems; to conduct integrated design, analysis, and experimental research on SC steel frame systems, using the enabling facilities of the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES); to develop performance-based, reliability-based seismic design procedures and criteria for SC steel frame systems; and to educate students and practitioners with fundamental and practical knowledge about SC steel frame systems. Unlike conventional earthquake-resistant steel frame systems that are designed to develop significant inelastic deformations under the DBE resulting in significant damage as well as residual drift, the innovative SC steel frame systems developed by the project have the potential to avoid structural damage under the DBE as a result of several features.

Recent Project

PITA Project: Integrated Framework using Monitoring and Reliability for Improved infrastructure Management under Uncertainty: Phases 1, 2, and 3


The aim of the PITA project is to develop a novel integrated framework using structural health monitoring and reliability technologies for improved bridge management under uncertainty. Through the use of new technologies and the employment of structural health monitoring and reliability approaches, the project is expected to have significant impact on bridge lifetime management practices.


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